Thursday, 24 July 2014

What can you do?

Avoiding Smart Meter’s in Victoria
(A Manual of facts to help you)
The aim of this web page is to provide you with some little known facts to assist you in your fight to protect your health, privacy and democratic right to say ‘NO’. It has been compiled from personal experience and many hours of research.
What can you do?
Just for start - let know your distributors, politicians, local and big mass-media about your opinion. Not be shy.
They pretend "care about you", "listen to you", "represent you". So force them to do exactly this. Ensure they will not be able to get away "I did not know about any issues with Smart meters".
Politicians created laws which force you to pay for useless and dangerous electronic toy, distributors got brand new infrastructure for your expense - so they have to have a bit time to answer your questions, yes?
And if you upset them and spoil their day - it is not your problem, do you agree?
They rip you off for $1000, and I think you have to say something about it. If they do not want to listen - make them listen!
Here the list of contacts to start:
Your MP:
Energy and Water Ombudsman:
You know better them me about your local newspaper and radio stations. Ask them questions, tell your opinion about Smart meters, raise concerns. Ensure everyone knows about $1000 rip-off.
And do NOT allow them to answer you with garbage like "mandated/standard/benefits for you"! Do not allow them to fool you!
Join political party which cares about your health, about your right to have a choice, which wants to make politicians accountable and responsible:
Write me if you have any questions or need support.

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