Saturday, 26 July 2014

Smart meter, Refugees and Human Rights Activists

Avoiding Smart Meter’s in Victoria
(A Manual of facts to help you)

The aim of this web page is to provide you with some little known facts to assist you in your fight to protect your health, privacy and democratic right to say ‘NO’. It has been compiled from personal experience and many hours of research.
If you have a smart meter that is making you, unwell and/or have other symptoms related to EHS and you complain to your distributor, they will simply reply: “Smart meters are mandated/standard".

You can then complain to the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) (EWOV), they will send a request to your distributor, who will send the usual answer, which will be passed on to you that: " Smart meters are mandated/standard".

As far as the distributors are concerned, it is your problem and nobody else’s. I know the names of refugees who have left their jobs, friends, who have sold their property in VIC and moved interstate because they could no longer take the pain from smart meters.
Do you think Human Rights activists, mass-media or any Ombudsman paid any attention to their stories? Nope. The only "refugees" which they care about are illegals, those who coming from overseas direct to our Centrelink offices by boats.
Not one Human Right activist, mass-media editor or Green Party official is foolish enough to risk interfering with billions of dollars "donations" into pockets of corporations under the pretext of "Advanced Metering Infrastructure". So you can be sure the smart meter issue will not get into the front pages of any major media outlet until YOU make it happen.
Currently Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria is answering to all complains in same way:
"Smart meters are mandated/standard/compulsory".

So if Smart meter is killing you, that’s fine by everyone who is supposed to protect you, as long as it done legally. Nazi murdered millions of people because laws of Raich allowed it.
I wonder that kind of answer we would hear from Ombudsmen if distributors got permit to shoot their customer on spot? Probably something like this: "Killing unhappy clients is allowed by Order in Council and section 6A Electricity Industry Act"?

Only one way to force Ombudsman to do his job, to protect you - complain. And not just complain - use law. There is Equal Opportunity Act, force Ombudsman to read it! Look at my post under heading "Equal Opportunity Act and Human Rights."
Legal Aid can waste a lot of money to help child molesters or rapists, but if an honest citizen has a problem with a big corporation, ‘sorry mate, it is your problem and no one else’s’.
And only you and no one else can force them to protect rights and liberties of honest citizens!
Not be shy. Write to local and main mass-media. Lodge complains. Demand answers and actions. Bring distributor to Human Rights  division of VCAT (it is free).
Since forcing Aboriginals from their lands it is first ever time in Australian history then people are forced from their homes. 
Not because they are criminals, enemies or anything like this. People who suffer from EHS cannot live in Victoria and they are forced to move away.
Power industry needs profits and politicians cover-up them. It is against all our Human rights, against Constitution, against all democratic liberties.
But it is happening JUST NOW. Because our politicians put profits of foreign corporations before humans.
Do NOT vote for Labors who started Advanced Metering Infrastructure rollout.
Do NOT vote for Liberals who did not lift a finger to take into account rights of citizens of Victoria.
Do NOT vote for Greens who supported desal plant, who against cheap clean water from Mitchell river, who did not say a single word to protect rights of Smart Meter' refugees!
Do NOT vote for National (current energy minister National one) who have same policies as Liberals!

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