Sunday, 17 August 2014

Smart meter and Asbestos - letter to CEOs, members of board, shareholders of distributors

I like to pay attention to similarities between current situation with UHF radiation and asbestos.


1. There was a lot of published evidence that asbestos is dangerous.

2. Industry denied or pretended not to know about this information.

3. Governments around the world did not see anything wrong with asbestos, it usage/processing was not really limited by safety standards.

4. Only since 1978 asbestos became «officially dangerous» in Australia, exact date depends on state.

5. American Conference of Government Industrial Higyenists (ACGIH) recommended that amount of asbestos dust in air should be under 5 mppcf (5 million particles per cubic foot), this recommendation was in force in 1946-1970 years.

6. Industry did the best to fight off any allegations using as argument «asbestos is allowed for usage, it is not banned».

UHF radiation:

1. There is an evidence it is dangerous even at low levels.

2. Industry denies this evidence for many years using several excuses.

3. In many countries UHF devices are introduced by government (Smart meters is an example).

4. In some countries limits for UHF already became very strict, but not in Australia (yet?).

5. ARPANSA setup a limit for UHF radiation which is convinient for industry and easy to «obey».

6. Industry fight off any alligation just claiming «our debices emit under ARPANSA limit».

And now I like to ask CEOs, members of board, shareholders of distributors some questions. I do not need answers, YOU do:
1. Then James Hardie used «asbestos was not banned before 1978» argument in court hearings about amount of compensation for people who worked with asbestos in 1950s-1960s did it gave him any good? As far as I know not.
2. Do you want in future to see your company having problems which James Hardie got?
3. Will you consider changing your attitude from «we obey ARPANSA standards» to something more cautious?
4. Distributors, not Government choose wireless technology instead of "broadband by power cable" for remotery read electrical meters.
5. Distributors, not Government, have orders from S314 Order in Council: «A distributor must have and must keep up to date to the End Date a risk management strategy (‘risk management strategy’) to:
(a) identify, address and mitigate technological or other risks of and in connection with the provision, installation, maintenance and operation of advanced metering infrastructure and associated services and systems; and»

6. And if Distributor will run out of cash because too many huge claims from victims of UHF radiation Government will say «I told you so!»:
(b) manage expenditure increases arising from those risks.
7. Distributors breached «best endeavours» clause in Order in Council S439 and installed Smart meters against customers will.

8. And now I like to ask you to do some guessing: in case if something will go wrong in future who will be blamed – your company or government?
9. And then shareholders will look for someone to blame for this blog will be mentioned, believe me. And YOU will be asked question:
- Were you aware of it?

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